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William Control

Our next band/artist on the list is an electronic, darkwave group formed by a man named William Francis. The band’s name is William Control, taken after William Francis’ name. After listening to a single song by this group, it is easy to see why this band’s music is placed under the genre darkwave. William Control’s lyrics are all about eerie happenings and the music has a dark, floating feel that gives the listener an uneasy and uncomfortable feeling. The lead vocalist, William Francis/William Control, adapts very well to the dark style of this music. Although his voice is different than what most people are used to hearing today, he is still able to sing well and in tune with his music, and the chorus effect added to his voice just adds to the electronic aspect of his songs. This too is an interesting part of what is heard in these tunes; William Control takes tracks of typical instruments, such as guitar, but adds different electronic effects over them, giving his music a sort of industrial feel, but with a rich realistic sound. The down side is that, because William Control is so set on a darkwave genre, a lot of his songs are very similar sounding, and always give the same unsettling feeling when listen too. Feeling unsettled isn’t a problem on its own, but I quickly became bored of this feeling and had to change artists. Other than that, William Control’s music is very enjoyable to kick back to when you’re feeling melancholy or if you’re just in a chill mood. His songs are great to have and always a nice addition for anyone who is open to new sounds and wants some variety in their music collection.  

Pros: Original sound in several aspects; good electronic sound in addition to typical instruments

Cons: Very similar sound/feel between most songs

Top Recommended Album: Hate Culture

Recommended Songs: Beautiful Looser; London Town; Razor’s Edge; All Due Restraint

Overall Rating:



Steam Powered Giraffe


I Fight Dragons


I was told to post this horrible rap song online and see how many people want a music video. So, I don’t know, like it or something if you want to see me doing crazy rap video stuff and things.

I’ve been sitting here thinking for awhile

With that shady mask that makes me keep this smile

But I know I never should have fallen for all the lies

The surprise that keeps me waiting for more 

And I do you see this frown?

You don’t because I won’t show the thing that keeps me down on the ground

Keeps me spinning around

Keeps me staying home bound  

Keeps me making this sound

And now I tell you the way

I’ve been feeling for days

It’s funny, cause I’ve been feeling real sick

But I wouldn’t let you know cause wouldn’t give a shit  

I’ve been seeing bad things that keep me home everyday 

That keeps me away from all the things should say

And I can tell you right now that when you see something scary   

It’s hard to keep a mask on that makes you look merry

Each and every day I’m feeling more weary

Damn these fucken monsters man, that shit is scary


I wasn’t raised in the hood

I had a nice clean home and always went to school

I never lacked on money and my friends were cool

Never ever took never had to look for my next meal

But these things I see always seem so real  

And even though they’re scary always had appeal

Maybe that’s the thing that I’m afraid of most

But thoughts always coast the sight of these ghosts  

And my brain always feels like a blast zone

Disaster when I’m not the one who feels like the master

Spending all my time like I’m stuck as a slave

In this grave that’s made me into this way

So watch out cause you’ve hurt me

And you never show me

The situations you’ve fucked

It’s like I’m stuck


In a horror show

You could have let me go so easily

Now you’ll never understand my misery

You’re always calling the shots

But Believe it or not

I still like you a lot

This horror show

The figures float around so creepily

And the voices in my head spoke freakishly

About you from the start

But Believe it or not

You have torn out my heart


So you’ve been seeing your friends

Well you should be happy that you have any friends

As long as your friends don’t make pretend

Then they might ditch you since you’re bitch who

Always has some sort of new shit to say

Whose fucken lies always get in the way

Who thinks they can always go sneak away

From me

Well it is because


I can see my reflection shining in the knife

As I hold it to my skin in the middle of the night

Now I find myself alone in the dark

And the shadows creep towards me tearing me apart

PS: Sorry that its been a while since any new post have been put up on here. There’s been a lot of problems going on here and things needed to get done. The lyrics of this song actually describe things pretty well. Of course its now in a bad rap song for your entertainment. So, enjoy!



The man you see in the photo above is my friend/roommate David. As you might be able to guess, he is a bassoon player. As a bassoon player, it is mandatory to make fun of him as a bassoonist as often as possible. Having a few beginner skills in photoshop, I edited the following photos:



I posted these on Facebook and of course some friends liked them. But a bit later I realized they were removed by David. And he never said anything about them to me. I took this as a challenge and things quickly escalated. Come and see:





And that’s how David became the chainsaw wielding BAMF that fights armies of evil demons with his trusty bassoon and gets all the ladies. Best roommate ever!   

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